HIPAA Compliant Security

Some important information about your data security

We value the security and privacy of your data, and have taken all necessary steps to protect it. This means that in addition to our own internal security procedures & practices, we meet or exceed the US Federal Government HIPAA regulations and standards.

Because we opted to follow the compliancy regulations detailed by HIPAA, GoPHR offers:

  • Data is stored on protected and managed servers that sit behind military grade firewalls and perimeter security.
  • Personal registration information is encrypted and stored separately from medical information and files for added security.
  • All administration, staff and customer service representatives are required to sign confidentiality clauses and are required to become HIPAA Compliant Certified and to make that certification available upon request.
  • GoPHR does not sell, trade or make available any personal information to any third party company or employer except for demographic and sales tally purposes.
  • GoPHR does not sell, trade or make available any protected health information or any medical information or data to any third party company for profit or for any other reason.
  • GoPHR enforces proper disposal of protected health information and personal information if a user cancels their account or requests that we dispose of their files, per HIPAA suggested standards and approved practices. GoPHR even go to the trouble to shred all documentation and hard drives through industrial shredding capabilities to ensure your data never ends up in the wrong hands, now and at any time in the future.
  • GoPHR has implemented all HIPAA suggested administrative, physical and technical safeguards for securing protected health information. This includes full physical and perimeter level facility security, 24/7 management and data center access only to GoPHR authorized personnel.