Getting Started Guide

We have provided this quick start guide to help you begin using GoPHR. Please read through these brief instructions before you Log In. You can also find helpful information on our FAQ page on the website.

1. Click on the Sign-In button on the home page of our website. Log in using the email address and password you gave us during registration.

2. You are taken to the Home – General Information page. Some of your information has already been filled in. Continue to fill in the applicable fields by:
•  Clicking on the EDIT/ADD button (top right of the screen)
•  Filling in all applicable information
•  Add your picture (top left of the screen) by clicking on the blue ‘change’ button and following the prompts (for emergency purposes it is crucial to have your picture on your account pages)
•  Click on SAVE

3. Repeat this process to fill in information on the pages that are listed in the vertical Menu on the left side of the screen. We suggest that you first complete the pages under the Personal Information heading, then continue in order down the menu.
(Remember to go into EDIT mode when you want to make changes and to click SAVE when done.)

The section marked History and Medical Details (bottom of the menu) are pages that refer to the health of specific parts of the body. If you have a specific medical condition you can check a box next to that condition to affirm that you have that condition. All the pages are easy to complete.

4. If you are filling out GoPHR for your child make sure you also fill out the pages in the Pediatric section.

5. On the Horizontal Navigation Bar at the top of the page the File Upload button allows you to upload files that you may have on your computer, disk or memory card. Click on the button and follow the easy prompts.

6. To get your records from your doctor, simply call and request them. We provide a HIPAA release form you can send to them. They must by law provide your records to you. They can either mail them, fax them (we provide a fax cover sheet to give to your doctor) or upload files directly into your account.

You can give your doctor direct access to your account if you choose. Simply go to the Physicians page and locate the Authorization box. If you answer yes to the question of authorizing your physician, another box drops down asking you for your physician’s NPI (National Provider Identification) number. We provide a link to the database that lets you look up that number. When you find it, copy it and put it into the box. Then tell your doctor and show him the website, the Physician’s portal and tell him he can send go to your File Manager and upload files into it.

That’s it! Have fun exploring all the pages including our Fitness and Nutrition Journals to see how having all of your information in one place can help you make a fresh start with your health.

It’s why we say: Better health. GoPHR it!

If you have questions, access the online FAQ’s or Contact Us (via the HELP button on the horizontal Navigation Bar)