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GoPHR, the next generation of Personal Health Record solutions, will be launched in Summer of 2014 after its successful testing period. Learn more from our brochure, videos and press.

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Below is our press release. You can download a copy of the press release here.

Tucson Company Launches a New Online Personal Health Record System

All-inclusive service is the “next generation” of PHRs

GoPHR, a new online personal health record service for individual users headquartered in Tucson, is now live at  GoPHR (pronounced go-fer) is designed to be the easiest way for anyone to organize, store and maintain their personal health information.

“GoPHR realizes our vision to create the next generation of Personal Health Record systems, one that is easier to use, more comprehensive and completely secure,” said Tom Wiggin, Managing Partner of GoPHR.  “Today, anyone with access to the internet can use GoPHR to lead a healthier and safer life. GoPHR lets you look at your health in a whole new way.”

GoPHR provides subscribers with a personal online account that enables them to input all of their health information including records from their doctors and unlimited imaging files such as MRIs and X-rays. GoPHR includes various self-help components such as daily diabetes, fitness and nutrition journals. GoPHR also has a full pediatric section and immunization logs.

Most importantly, GoPHR helps subscribers when they need it most, in the event of a medical emergency.  A GoPHR ID card directs first responders and emergency room personnel to a patient’s GoPHR account to view life-saving medical alerts and emergency contact information.

“As first responders, we believe everyone should have a GoPHR account to stay healthier and safer,” said Kyle Canty, President Northwest Fire Fighters L3572, Tucson, AZ. “We not only look for the orange GoPHR ID card in an emergency, our members carry one as well.”

GoPHR developers consulted with medical professionals including physicians, critical care nurses and emergency personnel to create the broad functionality of the service.   Edgeneering, a developer and data storage specialist in Scottsdale,Arizona, was hired to construct the software.  GoPHR’s security protocols exceed HIPAA regulations and all information is stored behind military grade firewalls on redundant cloud servers.  Subscribers are always in complete control of their information.

The company moved to Tucson from Connecticut in 2011 to take advantage of the forward thinking medical culture and the reduced cost of doing business, which allowed GoPHR to achieve its goal of making a PHR affordable for everyone.

An all-inclusive account with GoPHR costs only $49 for the first year and renewals are $35 per year.  The company announced a special pricing offer, available on its website until December 31st.  “As we enter the holiday season, we’d like people to consider GoPHR as a perfect gift for everyone in their family.” Wiggin said.

Personal Health Record (PHR) systems is a burgeoning business segment, growing over 260% since 2008 as more individuals realize the necessity of managing their digital health records. A PHR like GoPHR offers users the peace of mind of knowing that all of their health records are securely stored and accessible anytime, anywhere. This is ideal for those who travel, have multiple physicians or dual residences.  A PHR is of crucial importance for people who are affected by a natural disaster that might destroy their valuable records.

Anyone interested in managing their health information can visit to learn more and to subscribe to GoPHR.  In addition to individual accounts, GoPHR is marketing its service to hospitals, medical groups, assisted living facilities, and non-profits, as well as businesses who want to provide their employees with a tax deductible benefit.