About Us

GoPHR was founded by Jennifer Wiggin, Tom Wiggin and David Choi, show business entrepreneurs from New York. After observing family members struggle with health issues and aware of the changing landscape of health care in the US, they decided to develop a digital Personal Health Record solution that anyone could use.

Using the expertise of ER Physicians, Pediatricians, GPs and Critical Care Nurses, they designed the requirements for the software.
Jennifer and Tom Wiggin then moved the Company to Tucson, AZ. They contracted Scottsdale firm Edgeneering to build the software code and to create the data storage infrastructure.

GoPHR will be launched to the public in the summer of 2014.

GoPHR remains committed to providing the general public with the most affordable and comprehensive personal health records software on the market. This is why they continually add features to the software and offer these enhancements free of charge to existing subscribers.